Connecting the Course App in Your Modules

Updated Apr 15, 2021

Canvas Instructors can integrate the Science Interactive Platform using LTI credentials from SI Cloud. If you need help locating the LTI credentials please follow the steps in How do I find the LTI hooks for my course?

This set of instructions helps you connect the course app in Canvas.  You will first need to create an app for the course to connect SI Cloud to Canvas. 

1. Once you have created all of the Apps you will need, navigate to the modules page.

2. Select the "+ Module" button in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Fill in the name of the module. Select "Add Module."

4. Select the "+" button in the upper right-hand corner of the module.

5. Select the "Assignment" dropdown, then select "External Tool."

7. Select the "Load in a new tab" checkbox.

The link will direct you to your SI Cloud Dashboard (below, this ensures that your Canvas Course is linked to SI Cloud). This link should remain in the course unpublished, as students do not need to use it, they will use the lesson hooks.

You must also complete the steps in Connecting the Lesson Apps in Modules to complete the integration process.

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