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Essay Question (Extension)


Extension questions are open-ended questions that assess how well students can apply knowledge to address unique problems. Detailed remediation in the form of the ideal answer should be provided for students by the question author so students can self-assess upon completing the activity.

They are found in the Extension page of the Evaluation tab and can be added to lessons with the Question Customization tool or Custom Lesson Authoring.

1. In the Evaluation section, select the Extension Questions page.

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2. Scroll through the Science Interactive-authored questions and select "+Add a Question."

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3. Select "Essay Question."

Extension Questions should always be Essay Questions. You will see the Data Collection suggestions here only because the tool is using the Data Collection programming for the essay question.

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4. Compose your question.

Be sure to bold the question to match the Science Interactive-authored questions.

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4.1. You can add an image to the question by selecting the "Image" icon.

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4.2. You can modify the text formatting options available to students by making selections below the "Compose question" box.

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These are the formatting options that will be displayed to the students when they answer the question.

Bold, italic, underline, bullet list, and numbered list are selected by default.

The "DIV" buttons create a visual divider between buttons and do not have any additional function.

5. Select "Save" in the top right corner of the page.

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