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Image Labeling


Image Labeling data panels challenge the student to label preset text boxes over an image that you provide.

They appear in Data Collection in the Experimentation tab and can be added to lessons through the Question Customization tool or the Custom Lesson Authoring tool.

1. Select "Image Labeling."

HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2. Fill in the following elements.

  1. Full Name: ex. Photo 2: Parts of a Dog
  2. Short Name: ex. Photo 2
  3. Add any necessary instructions in the Compose Question box. Bold the question so that it matches Science Interactive-authored questions.
HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

3. Add the image by clicking on “+ADD”

Browse to the file, or drag and drop the file, into the pop-up. Accepted file types are png, gif, and jpg/jpeg.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

Once the image is added, it will appear in the preview pane.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome
  • Image alternative text: Add a description of the image to remain ADA compliant.
  • Text on hover: add text the student will see when hovering over a response box.

4. Set response positions by selecting "+ADD" to create a new numbered box and drag boxes into position.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

5. Set correct answers by typing in the box.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

6. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

7. Scroll down the Exercise page to find the Image Labeling panel and assign a point value.

If you do not manually assign a value, it will default to 1.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

8. Scroll to the bottom and select "Save" to save the completed Image Labeling.