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Multiple Choice


Multiple Choice questions assess student comprehension of information presented in the lesson. Remediation should be provided in the form of the correct answer for students who answer incorrectly.

Multiple Choice questions appear in Question Time in the Exploration tab or in Competency Review in the Evaluation tab. They can be added to lessons through the Question Customization tool or the Custom Lesson Authoring tool.

1. Select "Multiple choice."

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2. Write your question in the Compose Question text box.

We recommend that you bold the question so that it matches Science Interactive-authored questions.

You can add various elements to the question with the following buttons:

  1. Image
  2. Math
  3. Table
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3. Add the appropriate number of responses under “Multiple choice options."

You can add more choices by selecting "+ADD" at the bottom of the list. Science Interactive generally only uses four choices.

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4. Select the correct answer under “Set correct answers."

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5. Select “More options" and scroll to the bottom to find the Distractors section.

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6. Under “Distractors,” select “+ADD" repeatedly to create as many distractor fields as there are potential answers.

Use distractors to add feedback to the student when they select a right or wrong answer. Under "Distractor 1," add feedback for the student. Be sure to bold and italicize the part of the question statement that is the correct answer. Continue adding a distractor for each answer.

The distractors are added in the order of the answer choices. Distractor 1 corresponds to the first answer, and so on.

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7. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

Once you save, you will be returned to the content page.

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8. On the customization page, scroll down to the new question and assign a point value.

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9. Select "Save" at the bottom of the page to permanently save the question.

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10. Repeat this process if you would like to create additional questions.