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Question Time Questions

Updated Jan 07, 2021

Students answer multiple choice questions based on what they have just read on the page.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Exploration page and select "Add a Question."

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2. Select "Multiple choice" or "True or false."

3. Compose the question. SI bolds the question and ensures the font is set to scrollable.

  • Ensure the font is set to “Scrollable”. If you press enter in the question field, the font will automatically change to “Normal”. Highlight the text and use the drop down to set the font back to “Scrollable”.
  • Add an equation by clicking the Sum icon.
  • Add a table by clicking the Table icon and adding the number of rows and columns, headers, and check the box for “Condensed” and “Border”.
  • Add an image by clicking the image icon. Browse to or drag and drop the image to be added. Add alternative text by selecting “Source." Then type the following within the bracket for the image: alt=”This is an image of the lateral view of a frog skeleton on the left and the lateral view of a cat skeleton on the right”.

4. Add the appropriate number of responses under “Multiple choice options."

You can add more choices by selecting "+ADD" at the bottom of the list.

5. Select the correct answer under “Set correct answers." You may choose to enable Multiple Responses if there is more than one correct answer.

You may choose to "Shuffle options" so that the answers appear in a random order to each student, or choose "Multiple responses" if the question requires more than one answer.

6. Select “More options."

Most items can be left as the default. Number of columns can be adjusted to reduce the vertical size of the question if desired by adding an additional column that will include two answer choices in each column. SI only uses one column.

7. Use "Distractors" to add feedback to the student when they select a right or wrong answer.

Under “Details: Distractors” select “+ADD." Under Distractor 1, add feedback for the student. Be sure to bold and italicize the part of the question statement that is the correct answer. Continue adding a distractor for each answer.

The distractors are added in the order of the answer choices. Distractor 1 corresponds to the first answer, and so on.

8. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

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9. On the Exploration page, scroll down to the new question and assign a point value.

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10. Select "Save" at the bottom of the Exploration page to permanently save the question.

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