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Order List


Order list questions are formative assessments and occur before Exploration content is presented. These questions should only contain terms and concepts that are presented in list format in the upcoming Exploration content pages.

They appear in Test Your Knowledge in the Exploration tab and can be added to lessons through the Question Customization tool or the Custom Lesson Authoring tool.

1. Select "Order List."

HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2. Compose the question.

Bold the question so that it matches Science Interactive-authored questions.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

3. Under “List,” select “+ ADD” to create text boxes and populate the answers in alphabetical order.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

If you need to change the order of the list, drag the placement icon (three horizontal lines) to the left of the answers.

Delete extra boxes by pressing the trash can icon.

4. Under “Set correct answers”, drag the placement icons to reorder the list.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

5. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

6. On the Overview page scroll down to the new question and assign a point value.

If you do not manually adjust this value, it will default to 1 point.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

7. Select "Save" at the bottom of the Overview page to permanently save the question.

8. Repeat this process to create as many of these questions as you would like.