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Cloze Drag and Drop


Cloze drag and drop questions are formative assessments and occur before Exploration content is presented. These questions should only contain fill-in-the-blank sentences with concepts and terms that are presented in the upcoming Exploration content pages.

They appear in Test Your Knowledge in the Exploration tab and can be added to lessons through the Question Customization tool or the Custom Lesson Authoring tool.

1. Select "Cloze Drag & Drop."

HOL Cloud Procedures for Instructors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

2. In the "Compose Question" box, give direction for the question.

For cloze question types, this will generally be something like "Fill in the blank" or "Complete the sentence."

Bold the instructions so that it matches Science Interactive-authored content.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

3. In the “Template Markup" section, write the sentence that students will complete.

When coming to the blank for the student to provide the response, select the “r” icon in the toolbar.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

4. Enter all the “Possible responses” by selecting “+ADD” to generate more boxes as needed.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

You can rearrange the order of responses by dragging the three-line icon to the left of each response.

5. Under “Set correct answer(s),” drag the correct answers into place.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

Correct answers must be placed or the "Save" button will not activate to save the question.

6. Open the “More options” drop-down.

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7. Adjust "Response container position" according to the word count in the responses.

  • If the responses have more than two words, position the group of responses at the top by modifying the “Response container position”.
  • If the responses have two words or fewer, position the responses to the left of the stimuli. The default is set to bottom.
HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

Nothing else in the "More options" box needs to be modified.

8. Select "Save" at the top of the page.

9. On the Overview page scroll down to the new question and assign a point value.

If you do not manually adjust the point value, it will default to 1.

HOL - Authoring - Google Chrome

10. Select "Save" at the bottom of the Overview page to save the question.

11. Repeat this process to create as many questions as you would like.