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Custom Lesson Authoring Setup

Updated Jan 05, 2021

This feature is enabled by an Institution Admin, Instructor Admin, or SI Admin. This feature allows Instructors to expand on their kit by adding new lessons for students. Instructors can:

  • Build learning objectives, content, and questions (Test Your Knowledge question types and Question Time question types) in the Exploration section.
  • Build learning objectives, exercise content, relevant data tables, photo panels, and essay questions in the Experimentation section.
  • Build multiple choice (Competency Review) and essay questions (Extension) in the Evaluation section.
  • Publish and reorder lessons within the lesson list, after the pre-requisites (Getting Started, Lab Safety, and Using the V-scope).

Enabling Custom Lesson Authoring

  1. In the Institution Dashboard page, select the course to be enabled with authoring.
  2. Check the "Enable Instructor Lesson Authoring" box next to the instructor name.
  3. Select "Save."
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