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The Science Interactive V-Scope

Updated Jan 05, 2021

V-Scope Image Page

About the V-Scope

The Science Interactive V-Scope is an advanced virtual microscope program that simulates the use of a compound light microscope and includes a library of over 80 fully interactive slides ranging from bacteria to fruit flies to skeletal muscle.

Using advanced technology and images from real slides, the V-Scope replicates everything that a student would do on a physical microscope, including raising and lowering the platform, turning on the light, placing, centering, and focusing slides, and more.


  • Recreates the experience and procedures of a physical compound light microscope 
  • An excellent addition to fully online science courses
  • Includes access to over 80 interactive slides. Each slide is made of hundreds of high-quality images blended together to create a seamless virtual microscope experience
  • Students can download slide images for easy labeling and submission

How you can use the V-Scope

  • The V-Scope can be used in place of a physical microscope in any SI kit.
  • V-Scope can be added to any existing SI course, even our lessons that don't require a microscope.
  • We now offer the V-Scope as a standalone option for instructors who want to integrate it into existing, non-SI course content. Available with or without our custom lesson authoring feature for full Cloud access.

Reach out to your representative today to discuss using the V-Scope in your course!

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