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How to Grade Questions in the SI Cloud Gradebook


Follow these steps to manually grade questions in your SI Cloud course.

Typically, the only questions that you must manually grade are found in the Experimentation pages and the Extension Questions in the Evaluation page.

1. In the course navigation menu, select "Gradebook."

HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

2. Select a student's name.

Lessons ready to be graded are indicated by a green circle.

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3. Select a completed lesson to begin grading.

Many questions are automatically graded, which is why some of the columns may have percentages and points displayed.

If there are questions or data collections that need to be manually graded, you will see an empty circle indicator.

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4. Select a section to grade.

In the section list, questions that are already graded have a blue check mark while ungraded questions have a gray circle.

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5. Review the student's answers against the sample answers (if provided) and enter their grade in the "Assign a Grade" box.

Sample answers are provided above student answers. In this case, it appears that the student did not complete the question, so a score of 0 is likely appropriate.

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After you have entered a score, SI Cloud automatically saves it and the border will become dark teal.

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Using the "Additional Comments" box.

If desired, personalized comments can be left for the student in the "Additional Comments" box. Enter any desired comments and select "Save Comment."

Unlike the point score, additional comments are not automatically saved.

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6. Repeat these steps to complete all manually graded questions.

Once grading is complete, you will see an indicator under the lesson section list as well as a Total score for the lesson in the score row.

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HOL - Instance - Google Chrome

If you are experiencing issues with grades transferring to the LMS grade book please read Grades Not Transferring into LMS

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