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Master Course Creation


This article describes the process of master course creation using Master Course Hooks from Science Interactive. If you need help locating the LTI credentials, please follow the steps in Finding the Course and Lesson Hooks article. For further explanation on the different hooks please see Which hook is best?

1. Building a Master course

Master courses are best built in course shells that are not live to students (called Dev Course Shells). To build a Master course follow the instructions for your LMS using the Master Course hook.

Note: Do not select the Course link in the Dev Master. Instructors will select it in the live sections to complete Course setup.

2. Copying from a Master course

Once the course build is finished, copy the Master course into as many live course shells as you need.

Note: this can be done for as many instructors across subsequent semesters as needed.

3. Complete course set up

After a course is copied into a live section, instructors need to select the course link to complete course setup and make the link live. Instructors will be directed to a "Course Setup" page to fill in the details of the current semester's class. Check out Complete Course Setup for more specific instructions on filling out this page.

Instructors should set the end date at least one month past the actual end date of the course. This will ensure students will have time to finish any last-minute work. Students will be able to complete course work through 11:59 p.m. on the date before the end date.

When instructors select the "Complete Setup" button, they will be redirected to their new Course Dashboard. Instructors should test the lesson links to ensure that they are working as well. If instructors are unsure if the lesson links are working, please see What do students see when they select the lesson links?

If instructors run into any issues during this process, contact the Regional Account Manager.

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