Which hook is best?

Updated May 12, 2020

This article is meant to help instructors, course designers, and LMS administrators determine whether to use a Master course hook or a Course hook.

The Launch URL, key, and secret are set at the institution level in our system and can be accessed by all instructors and admins of the institution with a sign-in to our system. You can locate them by following the steps in this link Find the LTI hooks for your course . 

If you are looking to add the tool to the entire LMS it is important for instructors to still be able to adjust the custom fields or custom parameters to create "deep linking" at the course level. This allows for the students' grades to be imported from our system to the instructors' grade books. 

Master Course Hook

To set up a master course shell in your LMS (that is not live to any students) make sure to use the Master hooks for both the course and the lessons (course_hook=hol-mcourse-……. And lesson_hook=hol-mlesson-……). Once you copy from that master in your LMS, for the live sections, the instructor(s) would simply need to select the course hook to complete the setup process.

This is the best option for schools with multiple instructors teaching the same course or instructors teaching multiple sections of the same course. The master hooks will be the same if the SKU is the same (i.e. two instructors teaching the same course can be created from one master).

Course Hook

If you are setting up your course for a single section, instructor, or semester use the regular course hook and then set up the lessons with the master lesson hooks (lesson_hook=hol-mlesson-……). If you copy the course for subsequent semesters the course hook is the only one that would have to be updated, the lesson hooks remain intact.

This is the best option for schools with one instructor teaching the course at a time. If you plan on copying the course you build in your LMS for subsequent terms contact your Regional Account Manager for a new course hook.

Lesson Hooks

The master lesson hooks (mlesson) are the best to use if you are planning to copy the course in the future. If you do use the unique lesson hooks they will work for this semester only. 

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